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In June 2015 my Momma brought me on what can only be described as a country trip dream.  The amazing memories made and friendships I've created will always stick and a big reason how it all became that way was all thanks to Denyse. She entertained my excitement for the  boat cruise " while we spent some time in our hotel relaxing and let us tag along on her adventures. Denyse has a way of making everyone included and makes sure you don't feel left out. Even after two years later we keep in contact and see each other as often as possible. Thanks to her I've made a life long friend, Lindsey, who will come from Cape Breton just to stay the weekend. Anyone who loves country music really needs to go to Nashville with Denyse Sibley---it's a trip of a life time!     

Courtney Allen-27-Halifax

Child Care Worker

Why Denyse Sibley? Here are just a few good reasons:

 Every year, Denyse visits NSCC to meet and talk with the Radio TV Journalism class. We invite many industry guests annually and each is selected because of their unique contribution to the information and entertainment industry in Nova Scotia. Denyse's commitment to serving her listeners and her relentless schedule of weekly appearances at community events in Nova Scotia remains unmatched as it has for decades. Denyse Sibley easily stands above the crowd as the 'hardest working woman' on Radio in Atlantic Canada. Her continued passion and success as an on-air personality and communicator is truly inspiring.

  -David Bannerman - Radio Faculty, NSCC

Rest assured as travelers, we love working with Denyse Sibley. She always does a fabulous job hosting our tours – whether it’s Nashville, Jamaica or Mexico.  She has a great way with people, and we frequently receive wonderful comments on her unique combination of fun, care and organization when it comes to leading our tours”. 

-Blair Jarrett

Senior Director, Marketing

Maritime Travel - 116 locations nationwide

(902) 421-7570


I have travelled with Denyse to Nashville twice, so far. Once was by bus in 2014, and then again by plane in 2015. It was the best time of my life! I got to meet all the nicest people you could ever hope or dream to meet, we were all like family and some have kept in touch! I was so happy to have travelled with Denyse to Nashville, best memories you could ever imagine! I am hoping, in the future, to return :)
Country gal for life!

-Lindsay Candelora-29-Whitney Pier, CB

Medial Secretary

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